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A herniated or bulging disc occurs when a portion of the disc slips out of place, putting pressure on the surrounding soft tissues and nerves. The disc itself is comprised of two sections. The inner section is softer than the outer section and is often described as jelly-like. The outer section is tougher. When the outer section starts to break down, either from an injury or illness, the inner section can bulge through the outer section, causing pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease 

Age-related wear and tear that breaks down the disc
Improper Lifting Techniques

Repeatedly bending and lifting with your back instead of your legs
Traumatic Injury

Like a car accident that momentarily puts tremendous force on the spine

Herniated Disc Symptoms
Common herniated disc symptoms include back pain and loss of range of motion in the back. In severe cases, a disc herniation can put pressure on the surrounding nerve roots, spinal cord or sciatic nerve, causing wide-spread pain in the back and legs.


Herniated Disc Treatment 

Non-invasive herniated disc treatment can reduce your pain and restore the range of motion and strength in your back. Common chiropractic treatments include spinal adjustments, lifestyle advice, corrective exercises, massage therapy and nutritional advice.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Lifestyle Advice
Treatment usually starts with chiropractic or spinal adjustments, which are designed to reposition your vertebrae and maximize their range of motion. We may also give you lifestyle advice and tips on how to perform certain daily tasks so that you do not re-injure your back while it is healing.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is beneficial for relaxing the muscles, reducing overall muscle pain and improving the longevity and effectiveness of your chiropractic adjustments.  The benefits of massage therapy are often noticed immediately after the session.

Corrective Exercises
Weak back muscles cannot adequately support your spine and may lead to further injuries and pain. Our chiropractor can help you learn and perform specific exercises that will strengthen your core and back muscles. There are even specific exercises and stretches that can help reduce sudden, acute increases in back pain.