​​​Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is the practice in which the soft tissues of the body are loosened by relaxing the muscles. Deep tissue massage loosens tightened muscle fibers, stretching them to allow fresh blood flow into the tightened tissues. For years, manual therapy has been used to help relax and rejuvenate tightened muscles and relieve stress. While many tend to think of manual therapy as a recreational or spa treatment, it offers many substantial and well-proven health benefits. Chiropractors have found ways to effectively incorporate them into a well-rounded treatment plan that accelerates the healing process.

Massage helps the muscles hold the bone and connective tissue in place to help speed up the recovery process. It restores blood flow, providing the problem area with the nutrients and fresh oxygen the tissues need to regain strength and heal. Massage also reduces the inflammation and swelling that surrounds the injured area. Inflammation pushes the tissues out of place and can slow down the healing process.

Massage therapy also increases range of motion and improves mobility. In cases where an injury has decreased a person's ability to move or utilize a joint, massage can improve their range of motion with just one treatment. Improving flexibility reduces the risk of further injury and can help eliminate the growth of scar tissue. By including massage therapy, our chiropractor offers the body exactly what it needs to move forward and improve overall health. 

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