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Personal Injury

The term personal injury often refers to legal matters in which someone’s body is hurt as a result of an injury caused by another person or company. It can occur in various situations such as:

Car accident injury: You’ve been hurt or are suffering pain or limited mobility as a result of a car accident. (Often times, these types of injuries are not immediately noticeable and can create long-term, debilitating pain when left untreated).

Work injury: Whether from repetitive motion or accidents, work-related injuries can leave you unable to work, struggling with pain, or otherwise limited. You may be compensated for such losses through workers’ compensation.

Other liability incidents: Whether you were hurt at someone’s home or you fell at a local business, any incident in which you’ve suffered some type of significant injury to your person as a result of someone’s actions or inactions, you may need personal injury care.

In these situations, your first step is to get any emergency medical care you need. Report the incident to the authorities or to the insuring agency. Then, get the care you need. Many times, a chiropractic consultation is necessary. Chiropractors often help to resolve the underlying cause of long-term and acute pain brought on by personal injury.