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​​​As a full service chiropractic office, our staff offers many services and techniques. We work to create the most effective treatment plans possible for each and every one of our patients.

Rivas Medical Centers offers a wide variety of services to make sure our clients' every need is met. Our services include:

​​​Chiropractic Adjustments 

 Realign the body and bring it back into a state of balance

Corrective Exercises 

 Exercises that help the body to strengthen and remain in balance

Lifestyle Advice 

Advice on how to improve a patient's health through simple lifestyle changes

Massage Therapy 

Manipulation of soft tissues that strengthen the body and improve blood flow to the injured area, hastening the healing process


Enhances and supports chiropractic adjustments using the following procedures: cryotherapy, ultrasound, moist heat therapy, paraffin baths, interferential electrical muscle stimulation and mechanical traction, among others

Our staff members are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to offering every patient every opportunity possible that will elicit a healing response. Each staff member is capable of answering questions you may have concerning any of our outstanding services. We understand that every case is different and that it may take a multitude of services for the patient to reach the desired state of health.